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Semen freezing
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Benefits of Freezing Semen

Fertility is affected by heat stress, nutritional inadequacies, transportation, shows/sales, fighting and infections or illnesses. These factors increase body temperature, which can cause abnormalities in semen resulting in infertility. The ram's testicles should be firm with no lumps. The production of sperm in the ram's testicles takes 6 to 8 weeks so a ram could be out of action for a season. Freezing semen ensures that you can still inseminate semen from this valuable ram.

SPERM_5.JPGOther reasons for freezing semen

Semen is frozen in pellets containing 3 ewe doses or in straws containing 1 ewe dose. For export all semen must be frozen in individually labeled straws and collected and stored in accordance to the importing country's requirements.

3_POLL_RAMS_EATING_2_HR.JPGPrior to entry