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Embryo transfer

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What Does ET Involve?

Multiple Ovulation and Embryo Transfer (MOET) is the process whereby superior donor ewes are superovulated and artificially inseminated to produce fertilised embryos. These embryos are surgically removed at days 5-6 and then laparoscopically transferred to synchronised, commercial grade recipient ewes to establish a surrogate pregnancy.


DAY 0 DAY 13 DAY 15 DAY 20 or 21
Donors CIDRS inserted Superovulation Drugs injected CIDRS removed & PMSG injected Laparoscopic AI ET
Recipients CIDRS Inserted CIDRS removed & PMSG injected ET


Advantages of ET

Ideal Donor Ewe

A maiden ewe (at least 8 months of age) should weigh at least 50kg.

Ideal Sire

Ideal Recipient