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Genstock Pty Ltd


GENSTOCK Ė The Ram Hilton

  • GENSTOCK takes great care to deliver the best possible nutritional requirements for rams in collection.

  • All rams are foot bathed pre & post entry.

  • All rams are tested for Brucella ovis on entry and semen is tested for Actinobacillus seminis for all semen to be sold.

  • All semen is processed and stored in accordance with the industry code of practice (AETS).

  • GENSTOCK is licensed to international standards for export of semen & embryos.

  • Only a qualified semen assessor analysisís semen to be stored at GENSTOCK. This person has undergone the semen assessorís course held at the University of Sydney.

  • Semen & Embryo facilities are double locked and fire resistant.

  • Our tanks are regularly monitored to ensure the safety of all semen and embryos. Semen can be stored indefinitely under liquid nitrogen (-196įC) if conditions are maintained.

  • All semen storage records including sales transactions are recorded on computer. Information is always up to date and accurate and available when you require.

Benefits of Freezing Semen

Fertility is affected by heat stress, nutritional inadequacies, transportation, shows/sales, fighting and infections or illnesses. These factors increase body temperature, which can cause abnormalities in semen resulting in infertility. The ramís testicles should be firm with no lumps. The production of sperm in the ramís testicles takes 6 to 8 weeks so a ram could be out of action for a season. Freezing semen ensures that you can still inseminate semen from this valuable ram.

Other reasons for freezing semen

  • A complete genetic insurance against the ramís injury or death.

  • Rams unable to partake in natural service due to lameness, age or injury can have semen frozen to preserve his genetics for future use.

  • Enables breeders to sell semen from rams they wish to retain or sell.

  • Offers the ability to source or market genetic material nationally and internationally.

  • Negates the disease risk (Johnes, Footrot, Brucella ovis) associated with introducing live animals.

  • Enables rapid genetic development via extensive access to genetically superior rams.

Semen is frozen in pellets containing 3 ewe doses or in straws containing 1 ewe dose. For export all semen must be frozen in individually labeled straws and collected and stored in accordance to the importing countryís requirements.

Prior to entry

  • Please ensure all rams are foot trimmed, treated for flies, and drenched before entry into the centre. If rams are to be shown or sold and are in full wool, please trim wool around the pizzle.

  • Check the testicles for any abnormalities such as lumps or hardening of the scrotal sac. The testicles should be firm. If in doubt please contact GENSTOCK immediately.

  • If rams have been running with ewes, please ensure they have been rested for at least 6 weeks and supplement their feed with 500gm of lupins per day to improve their body condition.

  • Paddock rams might take a while to train. To speed up this training please bring your ram into the shed a week before entry so he can become acclimatised to handling and feeding.

  • Young, sexually immature rams may benefit from being run with a handful of mature ewes prior to bringing into GENSTOCK for semen collection

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