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Genstock Pty Ltd



Australia's longest serving sheep artificial breeding centre.

  • Highly Qualified and dedicated staff.

  • Easily contactable staff.

  • Over 1,500,000 laparoscopic inseminations performed since 1984.

  • Price competitive

  • Computerised semen storage enabling faster and more efficient dispatch of semen for your AI requirements.

  • Very successful laparoscopic results - averaged 75% last breeding season.

What does LAI Involve?

An experienced operator can only carry out Laparoscopic AI as it involves inseminating semen directly into the uterus by using a laparoscope.

  • CIDRs (Controlled Internal Device Release) are inserted for 12 - 14 days. At withdrawal the ewes are injected with PMSG to tighten the time to ovulation. 52 hours later the AI team will inseminate the ewes.

  • One veterinarian can inseminate up to 450 ewes per day.

  • Frozen or fresh semen can be used.

  • Backup rams can be put with the ewes 14 days after AI.

The Advantages of LAI

It is the only method at present of utilising frozen semen with good conception rates.

  • Results in a shorter, more concentrated lambing time, which enables breeders to be more accurate with feeding and management of ewes.

  • Allows access to genetics of animals that are no longer alive.

  • Allows breeders to access genetics of superior rams that are not on the physical ram market.

  • By using frozen semen this reduces the risk of transferring diseases.

  • Offers ability to source genetic material on an international basis.

  • Offers extensive use of a superior ram which can be joined to 450 ewes on a single day.

  • Facilitates progeny testing of outside rams with minimal cost.

  • Facilitates progeny testing of homebred young rams.

To achieve the best results, GENSTOCK recommends:

Sheep on a rising plane of nutrition. Optimum body score of 2 - 3.

  • Sheep husbandry procedures should be performed at least 2 weeks before CIDR insertion i.e. shearing, drenching, back lining etc.

  • It is essential to keep the ewes isolated from the sight and smell of rams until CIDR's are removed and the teasers are released with the ewes.

  • Quiet, gentle handling of the ewes at all times. Dogs MUST be kept to an absolute minimum.

  • The use of teasers at the ratio 1:10 has been shown to decrease the period over which a group of ewes may ovulate.

  • Ewes should be weaned at least 6 weeks prior to AI.

  • Maiden ewes should all have cycled naturally more than once before being synchronised (maiden ewes have variable ovulation times hence have varied conception rates)

  • Check body condition of ewes 6 weeks before AI. Ewes of score 2.5 to 3 are ideal. Ewes greater than this should be run tight to ensure they are not over fat at the time of insemination.

  • Make sure AI area is clean and is protected from direct sunlight and drafts.

  • For fresh laparoscopic AI, rams should be rested for at least 4 days before AI.

  • Ewes should not be overfed following AI. Any change in diet or management systems following AI should be avoided.


Please contact GENSTOCK for a quote on your Artificial Breeding Requirements

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