Genstock Pty Ltd



Australia's Longest Serving Sheep Artificial Breeding Company

  • GENSTOCK is a family owned business and was established in 1984 by Craig and Elizabeth Heggaton. Craig was involved in the first commercial laparoscopic artificial breeding programme in Australia. GENSTOCK has always been in the forefront of sheep artificial breeding in Australia. Dr Michylla Seal became a partner in July 2018. Her wealth of experience in artificial breeding and sheep health has seen Genstock mature into the most experienced centre in Australia.
  • GENSTOCK is an approved Embryo and Semen Collection centre for Export. We have clients in many countries such as NZ, Uruguay, Cananda, South Africa, USA and Argentina. We are the only AI company in WA to be accredited for export to Chile.
  • GENSTOCK has performed over 2 million laparoscopic inseminations; 50,000 embryo transfer flushes and pregnancy scanned more than 12 million ewes.

  • Due to the advancement in technology and improvement in Australian standards in semen assessment, GENSTOCK averaged a 75% conception rate in the last season. In a single embryo transfer season, mature ewes averaged 7.5 pregnancies per donor flushed and maiden ewes (from 6 months of age) averaged 5.1 pregnancies per donor flushed.

Genstock specialises in small ruminant:

  • Laparoscopic artificial insemination
  • Embryo transfer & freezing

  • Ram fertility tests, semen collection, freezing & storage

  • Collection of genetic material for export

  • Pregnancy diagnosis - singles / multiples & aging

  • Accredited Sheep Genetics Australia carcase scanner

  • Fleece testing utilising O.F.D.A. technology
  • On farm ruminant health services including disease investigations, Brucellosis testing and ram vasectomies

  • Two SheepMAP accredited OJD veterinarians

  • AAV accredited veterinarian for preparation of livestock for export

  • Working dog vaccinations, microchipping and supplier of dog worming tablets for the control of sheep measles

GENSTOCK has the most advanced facilities available in Australia, including the largest on centre embryo transfer facility. We have highly qualified and dedicated staff who are easily contactable at all times.

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